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Solar Road-Side Warning Lamp (STL-RS)

Product Detail Information

Solar tech Co.,Ltd, have adopted P-EDLC for electrical energy storage device. So our LED lighting products are eco-friendly, and product life is semi-permanent and maintenance free.

(A) Product Overview: During the day time, the solar energy is converted to electrical energy by the solar cell and stored at the P-EDLC. During the night time, the electricity store at the P-EDLC is supplied to turn on the LED light with five different colors (i.e. Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White)

(B) Installation Location:Our LED landscape lighting products may be easily installed at any places, e.g. For traffic safety. road-side, barricade, etc. especially, the location where no electricity is available or wiring is extremely difficult.

(C) Environment Protection:SinceourSolar LED Lighting products utilize no battery, they are eco-friendly and cause no environmental pollution. We have acquired RoHS certificate on all of our products.

(D) Physical Properties:

  • Waterproof Lvel: IP 68
  • Operation Temperature: P-EDLC charge/discharge at -40°C to +70°C
  • Operation Times: More than 12hours
  • Operation Type: Blinking(3 time per every 1 second)
  • Onset Point:
    - Light-ON: Sunset(Less Than 150~300 LUX)
    - Light-OFF: Sunrise(More Than 150~300LUX. Charging Time)
  • Charging Time: Approximately, 4 Hours(Sunshine) 6 Hours(Cloudy day) 9 Hours(Rainy day)
  • Operation Life Times: More than 10 years

(F) Basic Components:

  • Single Crystalline Solar Cell
  • High Efficiency LED
  • P-EDLC(Super-Capacitor)
  • Poly Carbonate Housing(UV Coating) / DIE Casting Housing(Aluminium)
  • Electronic Controller(Circuit Diagram)


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